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Entrevista no Correio da Manhã

Apresentamos excertos da entrevista com MARIA, que saiu no dia 22 de Outubro no Correio da Manhã.

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Idioma: Inglês
4ª edição (1969)
Formato: 23x14
N. Pág.: 366
Encadernação: capa dura
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To the Sacred Memory of Sir Usayosh Mookerjee, Sarasvati

So much has been said and written about A´soka that some of those who happen to see this gook may perhaps wonder what new things yet remain to be said about Indian monarch. It must not, however, be forgotten that the records whicw A´soka has left in stone are a literature by themselves, and it will take many years yet for scholars to understand clearly all that he has said. A student of Indian Epoigraphy need not be told that thereare passages, by no means few, in these records, which are yet far from clear, and every day new and better interpretations are being proposed by scholars. There is, again, such a thing as piecing together the various items of information supplied by these inscriptions so as to give a vivid picture of the royal missionary. I am afraid, this work of piecing togethet is by no means complete yet and must continue for some more yeras to come. There is no section of Indian Epigraphy, so interesting and I should say so edifying, as that represented by the records of A´soka. And as I have participated not only in the work of interpretation but also of collation and unification of his records. I hope I stand in no need of explanation for bringing out this look which sets forth my views about the Buddhist monarch.
My study of the inscriptions of A´soka began as early 1898. There were before me translations and notes on these records not only by Prinsep, Wilson and Burnouf, but also by Prof. Kern, M. Senart and Prof. Buhler. I devoured the contents of all these books. But none interested and benefited me so much as "The Inscriptions of Piyadasi" by M. Senart which had appeared in English garb in the pages of the Indian Antiquary. I Coud at once detect in the French savant not only an epigraphist, not only a scholar of Sanskrit, Pali, and Prakrit,but also a historian whose aim was to piece together the different scraps of information supplied by the epigraphic and literary records so as to form one connected whole. Chapter IV of his book .....................

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