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"Folhas de Luz" fala de melhorar o espírito

Foi lançado ontem, no Museu Casa da Luz, o livro “Folhas de Luz”, de Maria Ferreira da Silva. A obra disserta sobre vários temas relacionados com a espiritualidade. (...)

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DAVID HOFFOS - The Lethbridge Illusionist and His Cinema of Attractions
de Tousley, Nancy
Idioma: Inglês
1ª edição (2000)
Formato: 15x23
N. Pág.: 72
Encadernação: capa dura
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The Lethbridge Illusionist and His Cinema ofAttractions


IT ISN’T EVERYONE who can point to a memory so vivid as to grant it status as the very first, but David Hoffos does. It was July, 1969, and he was watching the moonwalk on television as a three-year--old in his highchair enthralled by a screen. Thus the first conscious act that Hoffos remembers is one of spectatorship — watching a luminous rectangle filled with spectral, grainy, blackand-white moving images being telecast to Earth from outer space.1 Mllhions of viewers witnessed the event live in homes around the world. The spectacle of men landing on the moon was spellbinding and the truth of it was almost stranger than fiction.
For some viewers, watching the two astronauts bound weightlessly across the barren lunar landscape, casting long shadows as they went, the immediacy of the expcrience was heightened by a spine-tingling apprehension. Television was making visible an actual event that had long been imagined and yet never realized before. But the goose bumps were also raised by coincidence: The telecast images were startlingly similar to the familiar conventions of science fiction as seen in the movies and on TV. If aliens were to creep up behind the astronauts, no one might see them but us, the television audience.
Watching the moonwalk live, a seeming phantasmagoria in the living room, created an audience of self-conscious spectators, far, far away and yet real-time participants in the event, waiting with bated breath to be even more astonished. No moon men crept into vicw on the television screcn. But in the first science-flction fim, A Trzp to lhe Moon (Le voyage dans la lune,), alien creatures cailed the Selenites do indeed attack and capture the venturesome scientists who clamber out of their rocket onto the surface of the moon. Made in 1902 by the pioneering filmmaker Georges Méliès, the 14-minute fim is citcd as the first fictional motion picture. Based on H.G. Wells’ The Firsi’ Men on lhe Moon of 1901, it is the forerunner ofboth the science-fiction and the fantasy fim genres. It prefigures the Apoio moon walk by sixty-seven years.
Let’s say that Méliès’ A Trzp to the Moon and the televised moonwalk set up two points ofreference for Hoffos’s work. The thirty-four-year-old artist from Lethbridge, Albcrta, uses centuries-old optical ullusions, handmade modeis, fim, video, composite film-and-video projections, underwater projections, homemade television “projectors” and live closed-circuit video as the primary materiais ofworks that he refers to as iliusions and others cail instaflations. These, though they achicve their effects without narrative, are based most often on one of Hoffos’s two favourite film genres, horror and science fiction. .........

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