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How You Can Predict the Future

Autor:Joseph J. Weed


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Joseph J. Weed – – U. K. – In-4º.

NOW – jam packed in these startling pages, you’ll find the amazing mystic techniques of prophecy that have bestowed lavish gifts upon thousands of lucky people down through the ages… gifts that might also come to you as a direct result of the ability to know inadvance how and from where you can receive the golden treasures you’ve always wanted!
You’ll be given step-by-step advice on selecting and using the Ecletic Exercices, so that the treasures you may uncover will be yours and yours alone. Yes… the great good fortune of a lifetime awaits your beck and call… and The Future Is In Your Hands!


Joseph J. Weed has spent years uncovering the mysteries of the earth, and passing them on – in updated form – to the people of the twentieth century for their use and benefit. His long and fruitful career in the mystic and occult arts attests to the success of his dedicated work.
This book – which contains his most startling discoveries – may well be a milstone in the history of man’s efforts to rediscover the Ancient Magical Forces for use in modern times. To this end, Mr. Weed has lectured and conducted research in major cities throughout the United States and Canada.
The President of Weed-Walton, Incorporated, Mr. Weed is also a Trustee of the Nicholas Roerich Museum, a Director of the Agni Yoga Society, and is an active member of the Rosicrucian Order.

– What this book can do for you
– 1 – The Nature of Prophecy – How Precognition Works
We live in three worlds
Everyone makes small prophecies
There is no Certainty about the future
All plans contain an estimate of the future
The way prophecies are made
A “Proof” exercise in E. S. P.
Prerequisites to Successful prophecy
– 2 – The Ancient Delphic Oracle and Its Prophetic Truths
The test designed by croesus
The cave of the oracle
The Priestess speaks
Croesus confirms the oracle
Ancient man leaned heavily on oracles and prophets
– 3 – Oracular Techniques (Part I)
Delphi – an Ancient Shrine
The Apollo Legend
The location was important
Sacred places
The secret of sacred places
The priestesses at Dalphoi were transe mediuns
The “controls” of mediuns
One “control” identified
How thw future is known
– 4 – Oracular Techniques (Part II)
The Shrine at Dodona
Oracular influence on Greek culture
Your golden opportunity
Oracular training in Greece
The story of Priestess Biilti
Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum
Three exercices
The training of mind and will
Awakening the psychic sense
Areas of training
1 – Psychic stimulation trough sound
2 – Passive meditation
3 – Active mediation
You can today employ the training thechniques taught at Dodona
– 5 – Ancient Training Methods
The Eleusinian mysteries
The school at Eleusis
The rites of Eleusis
1 – Pompeii
2 – Mexico
Solon, the initiate
– 6 – How You Can Predict The Future
Your first step toward prophecy
How an accident was adverted
The magical instrument of knowledge………………
– 7 – The Art of Prophecy in Biblical Times for Today’s Use
– 8 – Forecasting By Means of Astrology
– 9 – Druids, Scers and Divincrs
– 10 – How to Consult tha Akashic Recods to Prophesy
– 11 – How to Develop Awarwnwss for Prophesying
– 12 – How you Can Program the Art of Making Predictions